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When we focus on improving the spaces we live in we can improve our overall well-being. By decluttering your home and creating personalized home organizing solutions I can help you love the space you are in! Nook and Cranny specializes in decluttering, refreshing,  organizing, and styling. We will help you find the perfect blend of function and beauty in your space.Our goal is to create systems that are unique to your personality and needs. If it doesn’t work for you, then it doesn’t work for us. You may not end up with a glittering Pinterest worthy after photo but you will feel lighter and freer in a space that works for you and your family.   We don’t believe in throwing things out that you need or love simply in the name of decluttering. During the process, we work through any emotional attachments to ensure you are keeping the items for the right reasons and they will serve you the best within your home.

"You should hire an organizer if you are overwhelmed before you even get started or if you're not making progress the way you anticipated" -Scott Roewer

Brandi Silver

Licensed & Insured Organizer


We look forward to working with you!